Should I conduct a survey on a buy-to-let purchase?

When buying a property, there are many different things to consider. Not only do you have to decide which solicitor to use and which mortgage product to go with, but you also have to decide whether to get a survey on the property you are purchasing. There are times when a survey may not be necessary, like when buying a brand-new home, but there isn’t anything that says you couldn’t or shouldn’t have one, even in this case.

Having a survey is a personal decision but it is often something your mortgage broker would also recommend. It enables you to clearly understand the structure of the building and get an idea of any work that may need to be done before or once you have moved in. It may also point out defects that may not be immediately obvious, such as structural damage.

All these points remain relevant for the purchase of a buy-to-let property. You may think buy-to-lets are different because you are effectively buying a house for someone else to live in, so a survey is an additional cost that isn’t worth paying. However, you have a duty as a landlord to ensure the home is safe for your soon-to-be tenants, and ultimately, knowing the type of property you’re taking on will allow you to protect your investment. While the decision to have a survey on your buy-to-let purchase is yours, it is something we would always recommend. 

There are a few different types of survey, and the option you choose will often be down to the type of property being purchased. For more information on surveys head to

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